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by Brian Grainger



Like a long exposure time on a photograph, Starshield is the musical accumulation of sonic vapors and gradual brightening. Almost completely sourced from a recording of the human voice speaking a specific phrase, the sound you're hearing is incidental to the vibration you're feeling. Dozens of layers of carefully deliberate processing and strategic movements through equalization present a piece of music that is more harmony than chord, more reverberation and echo than source, more meditation than map.

Intended for looped playback at both very low and very high decibel levels, preferably in an open-air environment where the sound is permitted to color the shape of a room, rather than confined to headphones.


released January 22, 2015

W/P by Brian Grainger. Recorded at Botany Bay, 2014-2015. This is Milieu Music number MML098.



all rights reserved


Brian Grainger Dayton, Ohio

Drone music, warm atmosphere and textural ephemera for the working man.

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